Computer Science

This website is for my computer science 1 class. We
are learning to code in C#. I have several assignments
that I would like to show you. Programming is difficult
but I call it hard.

Goodbye Program


This project gives us a simple goodbye program. It shows "Goodbye" in different languages. The languages that are shown are; English, Russian, Filipino, and Spanish

About Page


This project is like the front page about a company. It shows the logo and the other information that you can access by clicking the buttons.

Mailing Label


This project requires you to use text boxes. You put down information about yourself. So they can ship your mail to the person who wants to receive it.

Car Rental


This project is a car rental website. You put the info down and the button will automatically calculate it. It will display the cost and your information.

BMI Calculator


This project is a BMI calculator. Just put down your weight and height and it will calculate it. It will also display it and it has a chart to help you out.

Car Rental Part 2


This project is the Car Rental program but with a couple of more steps. It has radio buttons that effect how much the total cost. It also displays the information.

Test Score Calculator


This project is a simple test score calculator. You put your scores into the text boxes then you press calculate and it'll show the scores. This program is very simple.

Dice Program


This program is a random dice program. The rolls are random and in the end, they add up to the total. It also tells you the probability of rolling the number on the dice.

Craps Program


This program is a craps game. Roll the dice and hope you get the same twice. The game is pretty fun and it's all by chance.

T-Shirt Shop Benchmark


This program is our benchmark. We have to make a T-Shirt shop and calculate orders and things. We also need managers calculations that also show the summary stats of everyone's orders.

The Slot Machine


This program is an simple casino slots machine. You insert money for credits and roll and hope you win the jackpot. If you get the jackpot you win a $1,000 and the jackpot resets. If you run out of credits, the machine will tell you to put in more credits.

Book Store


This project demonstrates how to keep a subtotal on purchasing muiltiple items. It also keeps track of total sales, total customers, and average sale.

Rock Paper Scissors


This program is a two-player Rock Paper Scissors game. Player One choses an object then Player Two picks one. This game is meant to be simple and fun.

Car Array


This project shows us a simple array. The code random makes Lightning Mcqueen go left or right. It also tells us how many times Mcqueen bumps a corner.